Ng Tung Chai - Winter 2007/08

28 Dec 2007, 7:30 - 10:45

Sadly not much interesting species was seen but there are a number of calls from different birds heard. Hope someone will find out them.

A cuckoo-like call was also heard,surprisingly.

Verditer Flycatcher - 1
Pale-footed Bush Warbler - 1 (not 100% certain. can anyone describe its call?)


The Bush Warbler was seen inside the lower part of the bush.
We saw a pale eye-brow, no conspicuos wingbar(s), and a rather short tail.
Its call was rather short and high-pitched, somehow like "beep, beep".
The bird was found near the mid-way between the temple and the waterfall.

For the "cuckoo" call, i cannot remember well and a clear recording wasn't made.
It was quite loud, about 5 notes with the first two louder.


[quote:0202068e8c="kmike"]Your bush warbler sounds like Mountain (also known as Brownish-flanked) Bush Warbler.  Did you notice if the bird cocked its tail?

Your "cuckoo" is very unlikely to be a cuckoo, but Black-throated Laughingthrush makes a wide variety of musical calls, as does Hwamei, and even Silver-eared Mesia.

sorry we did not observe that.

Why we throught it was not a kind of babblers is that it was moving its position with high speed. I thought babblers are not likely to be flying so fast...

[quote:0202068e8c="kmatthew"]cnokming, are you sure it wasn't an Asian Stubtail Warbler?? The voice you describing sounds a bit like the Asian Stubtail Warbler, short high pitch note.[/quote]
The tail of that warbler wasn't so short as stubtail..i am not sure but it is quite unlikely to be a stubtail, because of size and the eye-brow was not so conspicuous.

Next time i will try my best to take a photo.