[Hong Kong] A New Bird Killer - Noise Barrier 新雀鳥殺手 - 隔音屏障

If you feel comfortable, pls send a fax reporting the no and spp of dead birds, date, and location to Highways Department and cc it to EPD.

They will do something to stop this happening again.

If it is not too convenient, pls send these information to Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (Attn: Captain Wong) at 2483 1877 (fax) or captainw@kfbg. or g

These information will be sent to the relevant depts for drawing their attention.

Your kind help will certainly reduce possible bird collision in the future.

Captain Wong
Kadoorie Farm and  Botanic Garden


Hi Alan,

Thanks for your postings.

FYI. THey put these stickers on the Deep Bay Link in 2007. As far as we know, it is a policy to mitigate the bird collision problem in the new noise barriers.

However, for the old ones, they react very slow.....fortunately, they have done something.




Mitigation. Highways Dept said the sticker option is the most effective.


Alan, can you show the location of dead birds? Any stickers on this part of noise barriers? Pls advise. Captain


An opinion - Send a letter of concern to Highways Dept. They should have experience to handle it.

By law (EIAO), all new transparent noise barriers should have bird collision prevention measures.


The distance in-between each sticker is too wide.... It should be not less than 1 m.