[Loons] White-billed Diver 黃嘴潛鳥


A short report of the boat trip
26th January, 08, a ground of 27 birdwatcher started off from Sai Kung Pier to search for Yellow-billed Loon. It was a chilly overcast day but fortunately no rain. The inner sea of Sai Kung was claim with a few dozens of Cormorant and a few White-bellied Sea Eagle – including a juvenile practicing fish-catching.
After a few of boat trip, when our boat begin to pass through the sea channel Sor See Mun between Town Island and Kei Tau Kok Teng, a Yellow-billed Loon appeared 100 m ahead of our boat. Its size is similar to Great Cormorant with dark grey back, super large bill and a flat head top. When we slowly approached, it dived into the sea, and suddenly reappeared – at 40m apart. After a short hide-and-seek game, it dived into a further distance and we slow down our ship, hoping that it would come to a closer distance......
After more than hour of enjoyable bird watching and photo taking, we began to go back Sai Kung. On the return trip, everyone was excited about the bird and hotly talked about the story of Yellow-billed Loon.