[Jacanas] Jacana Inflight 飛水雉

Waiting for 3 and a half hour for the shorts was a tremendous effort.  Then a lot of questions came to my mind. It would be pleasure and a pretty awesome lesson to an amateur if you can share with us about that:
Did you expect to see such bird when you intended to wait?  What did you do when you were waiting, all the way looking out focusing?  Did you have friend(s) with you? chatting with him/her/them?  What happened when you were tired or other physical need(s)?  What drove you with powerful energy and motivation for this kind of bird watching and bird photography?  And I noticed that 3/5 was not a holiday, you must be a freelancer or retired person.  Am I right about that?

Anyway, I am very indeed impressed by your effort and the shared photos.  Congratulation from my heart.