Change of Log-in Names at the Forum 更改討論區登入名稱

Change of Log-in Names at the Forum 更改討論區登入名稱

In response to members' request to change their log-in names at this Forum,
here is an one-off opportunity to make the change.
Please send the following details by PM to Membership before 15 July 08:

1. Your current log-in name
2. New log-in name
3. Your real full name
4. Your email address
5. HKBWS membership number (to distinguish between HKBWS members and non-members, who have different privileges such as photo upload at this Forum)

The information will only be used for internal administration only and will not be released in public.

We will then update the Forum database and inform you by email.

The Forum will be opened for new registrations after 15 July 08.
New members will be allowed to set their own log-in names on a first-come-first-served basis.
If there is any duplication, late comer will be requested to use a different one that is still not yet yet.

請在七月十五日或之前將以下資料用短消息通知本討論區管理員 Membership。

1. 目前的登入名稱
2. 新登入名稱
3. 真實姓名(最好是英文)
4. 你的電郵地址
5. 香港觀鳥會會員號碼(用作分辨香港觀鳥會會員與公眾會員,因為兩種會員有不同的論壇權限,如上載照片)




Only 7 days are left, act now if you want to change your log-in name.
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change login name

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you just expose your personal detail to public, I'd hide your message for Admin read only. pleaes use PM function instead of leaving message here for the Change Name Purpose.




留意: 明天會開始接受新會員登記鳥會 Forum, 到時所有 nickname 都會 open.

過去十數日. 已經有很多會員改了自己喜歡的 login name/nickname. 亦都有會員因為自己用開的已被他人登記了而不能用回自己喜愛的 nickname.
如果你唔想你自己 用開既 nickname 變左係其他會員既 account 上出現. 趕緊盡快 pm Memebership 更改自己個 login name/nickname 喇..!!

Attention: This Forum will be re-open for new registrations tomorrow.  New comers will be free to choose their nicknames.

In the last couple of weeks, we have received many requests from existing members to change their login names / nicknames. Some of these could not be met because the target names have already been taken. If you want to keep your favourite name, please send a private message to "Membership" right now!