[Hong Kong] 猴浪monkey wave

猴浪monkey wave


thx for a monkey wave to make a bird wave"u-turn"
let us enjoy the bird-watching
but it"s time to "control" the monkey at tpk?


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19/12/2008 22:01

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It's amazed me for a long time AFCD continue to have bins like this which are accessible to monkeys dotted around in TPK. "Please don't feed the monkeys"..but just leave it in here and they'll dine at their convenience!

Mike Turnbull


Mike hit the spot!   Govt always tries to facilitate the public to keep the countryside clean and natural but the outcome is just the opposite.  Another example is that the govt provides cemented trails in the countryside for the sake of safety of the hikers.  However, they neglect the natural beauty and ignore the fact that the hard cement and reflection of light and heat from it also gives burden to the hikers.  Visually it is no good as well.  The reason behind is just the convenience and low maintenance cost of building this kind of trails!

Govt and the public both need education.  Former needs the correct balanced way of protecting the wild and maintaining the urbanization strategies while the latter have to learn how to be environmental friendly and understand that they themselves should adapt to the natural environment, not the other way round.  Convenience may not be a suitable word to put in the countryside as it itself is an uninhabited area and should belong to our natural organisms.  Natural wilderness does not require anything artificial or requires it limitedly.
Manson Tsang