Satellite Tracking study of duck wintering in HK 衛星追縱港渡冬野鴨

H5N1 and cash for bird studies

Well, as replies in this thread help show, this study might arise from H5N1 related study, but mostly of interest re birds and bird migration.

As we well know around here, just codswallop blaming wild birds for spreading dangerous human flus around the planet. But, led to negative things re bird conservation, inc fear of birds in Hong Kong; even reports of birds scared and killed in Russia at least.

The overblown fears led to monies for various researchers n studies.
Worst I've seen was some bloke banding yellow-billed magpies in US (good grief!).

Nice to have money for such things; but - cf Wildlife Conservation Soc - hope that don't muzzle people who should be speaking up for birds, which of course have no voice of their own.

Anyone heard from Robert "half the world population will die" Webster lately? He has a lot to answer for re wild birds and flu fears.
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