Shek Kong Catchment - Winter 2008/2009

Shek Kong Catchment - Winter 2008/2009

Shek Kong Catchment – January 27, 2009  8.00 a.m. – 3.45 p.m.
From Shek Kong Camp at the bottom of Route Twisk to Ho Pui Reservoir & back.

(N.B. The site where the Hawfinch has been seen, is Shek Kong Airfield Road, NOT Shek Kong Catchment. The catchment is in Tai Lam Country Park and goes from Shek Kong Village to Tai Lam Reservoir, roughly following the 100m contour line.)

Little Grebe – 9
Chinese Pond Heron – 1
Striated Heron – 1
Common Koel – 1 calling
Grey Wagtail – 1
White Wagtail (leucopsis) – 2
Olive-backed Pipit – 9
Grey-chinned Minivet – 3+
Scarlet Minivet – 4+
Orange-bellied Leafbird - 3
Daurian Redstart – 1
Blue Whistling Thrush – 1
Scaly Thrush – 1
Japanese Thrush – 1
Grey-backed Thrush – 20++
Pale Thrush – 1
Streak-breasted Scimitar Babbler – 5+
Rufous-capped Babbler – 11+
Greater  Necklaced Laughingthrush - 10
Black-throated Laughingthrush – 3
Hwamei – 3+
Silver-eared Mesia – 30++
Blue-winged Minla – 6+
Asian Stubtail Warbler – 2
Radde’s Warbler – 1
Pallas’s Leaf Warbler – 3
Yellow-browed Warbler – 13+
Grey-headed Flycatcher – 1
Asian Brown Flycatcher – 1
Velvet-fronted Nuthatch – 4+
Black-faced Bunting – 1+
Ashy Drongo – 1
Hair-crested Drongo – c.50
Grey Treepie - 1

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Hi David,

Your route seems to be quite an interesting one! Do you mean the concrete paved road leading all the way to Ho Pui, and is there any way to go from Shek Kong airport straight to Ho Pui Reservoir that you know of? Thanks for advising and Happy New Year!



Koel -

Yes, it's a concrete road all the way from Shek Kong to Tai Lam Reservoir.

As for getting from Shek Kong Airfield Road to Ho Pui, I guess the best way would be to get a taxi to the village of Ho Pui and walk up to the reservoir from there.

Most of the birds I've listed were seen within the first 1-2 km of the catchment from Shek Kong. There is a fruiting tree next to the public toilets which was attracting thrushes. The Radde's Warbler is 10-15 minutes further along, just before the Sheung Tsuen Fresh Water Balance Tank (clearly signposted!!) Seen at 10.15 a.m. today.

Hope this helps!



Shek Kong Catchment

Hi David,
I am also very interesting the route and go to there. Can you show me on the map of the route.
Many thanks!



Click on the following link. Right click on the map and click Zoom In once. The words Route Twisk appear. Access to the catchment is next to the letter "s" in Route Twisk!! ... snum=1&ct=title

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Jan 29, 0930 - 1230
-Chestnut Bulbul
-Grey backed Thrush
-Japanese Thrush
-Pale Thrush
-Siberian Thrush (female)
-Yellow billed Grosbeak

Black Winged Cuckoo Shrike



I'd be grateful - as no doubt would others - if you could kindly tell us where exactly the Siberian Thrush and the Siskin were seen.


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Feb 1, 0800 - 1000

-Mugimaki Flycatcher (male)
-Grey headed Flycatcher
-Black naped Monarch (female)
-Asian Brown Flycatcher

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