[Stint] 紅頸濱鷸 Red-necked Stint

Excellent photos.  
The V-shaped pattern on the back - didn't some book mention that this should be characteristic of little stint?
If this bird is really a Red-necked Stint (which I have serious doubt), then perhaps I should register for the next Waders Identification Workshop!

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Original posted by ddavid at 19/05/2015 20:57
A couple of thoughts based mainly on irsychan's comments.

Firstly, the photo was taken on September 1st 2009. The autumn date and the relatively fresh plumage of the stint indicates that it's a juven ...
Thank you for your detailed assessment, ddavid.  I think you are right.  In fact, I also found out that similar doubt was raised in another thread of probably the same bird in late August 2009 and HF Cheung made a similar comment that the bird should be juvenile Red-necked Stint.  I was perhaps misled by some literature ( 香港及華南鳥類 'The Birds of Hong Kong and South China' and 'New Zealand Birds Online') which say that the mantle V-shaped pattern is characteristic of Little Stint (when compared to Red-necked Stint).  By the way, both HF Cheung and you mentioned that juvenile Red-necked Stint also has mantle V-shape.  May I know the source of this information?

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