Important Bird Areas (IBA) in Hong Kong

Looking Forward

The "Tai Po Kau, Shing Mun and Tai Mo Shan" IBA is entirely within protected areas, and the "Inner Deep Bay and Shenzhen River catchment area" IBA is partially protected.

The most important threats to "Inner Deep Bay and Shenzhen River catchment area" are development (industrial, urban and infrastructure), filling in of wetlands, pollution and disturbance to birds, and other threats include abandonment / reduction of land management, dredging and canalization, introduction of exotic plant species and recreation / tourism. The wetland ecosystems in Deep Bay and the surrounding region are generally under great pressure because of the rapid industrial development around the Pearl River delta.

The "Tai Po Kau, Shing Mun and Tai Mo Shan" IBA has over 40% forest cover, as well as secondary scrubland, wooded grassland and other habitats. There is no development or hunting pressure in this IBA, and its conservation importance is likely to increase because the remnant forests in adjacent parts of southern China are threatened by development and human disturbance

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Looking forward

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Press release (Hong Kong): 18 Nov 2004

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