Important Bird Areas (IBA) in Hong Kong
The first comprehensive inventory of Asia's most important places for birds and biodiversity "Important Bird Areas in Asia" (IBA) was launched on 18 November 2004 at the 3rd IUCN's World Conservation Congress in Bangkok. Among the over 2000 IBAs on the list, more than half have no legal designation, or are only partially protected by law.

"Important Bird Areas in Asia", published by BirdLife International, identifies 2,293 sites, covering 7.6% of the region's total land area. The book includes two important bird areas in Hong Kong; these are "Inner Deep Bay and Shenzhen River Catchment" and "Tai Po Kau, Shing Mun and Tai Mo Shan", together covering 65 sq. km and approximately 6% of land area in Hong Kong.

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Overview of the inventory

Key habitats and birds

Inner Deey Bay and Shenzhen River Catchment

Tai Po Kau, Shing Mun, Tai Mo Shan

Conservation infrastructure and protected area system

Looking forward

Summary of IBA in Asia (in PDF format, 2.2Mb)

Press release (Hong Kong): 18 Nov 2004

Press release (BirdLife, global): 18 Nov 2004

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