Object to the high-rise property development to protect the habitats of Great Cormorant and Bent-winged Firefly

Last year, developer submitted a rezoning application(no. Y/YL-NSW/6) to build high-density residential blocks and international school at a 10.5ha land to the south of Nam Sang Wai (to the west of Shan Pui Tsuen). This high-rise building development includes a block of 41-storey public housing and 29 block of 29 to 38-storey private housing.

The application site is not only close to the important night roost of the overwintering Great Cormorants, it is also next to the breeding ground for the
Bent-winged Firefly which is endemic to Deep Bay area in Hong Kong. The wetlands in the vicinity of the site are as well the important foraging and roosting ground for different winter migratory birds. HKBWS is concerned about the significant adverse ecological impacts associated with the proposed high-rise property development. The developer has recently submitted further information for the third time and the application is now available for public to comment. We encourage all of you to submit your objection to this development on or before 30 April 2021, and urge the Town Planning Board and Government department to be a conscientious gatekeeper, not to set an undesirable precedent for high-rise development in the Deep Bay area.

 HKBWS's Full Submmission

The public consultation has ended, thank you for your participation in objecting the development.

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