Our mission

Environmental Monitoring and Policy Advocacy

As a professional advisory group, the Society’s Conservation Committee would provide comments on various nature conservation issues.

  • Comments on development projects, such as Lok Ma Chau Spur Line (urge for protection of Long Valley wetlands), Sha Lo Tung development, Nam Sang Wai residential development, territory-wide and regional planning studies, land supply strategy, etc.
  • Provide professional comments to the Government on the ecological enhancement and protection of birds, for instance the protection of Black-faced Spoonbill, breeding egrets/herons and terns.
  • Since the early 60s, the Society has been fighting for the protection of the Mai Po Marshes, in the early 70s we even strongly protest against the Fairview Park development together with other concerned groups. Later in 1983 the Government established the Mai Po Nature Reserve, we then continue to monitor the developments in the Deep Bay area.
Our mission

Nature Education

HKBWS believes that by promoting appreciation of birds, the public would discover the beauty and preciousness of our feather friends and, in return, protect them. We have been organizing different education activities, including:

  • Bird watching activities in urban and rural areas
  • Talks about nature and wildlife in Hong Kong
  • Seminars and trainings on bird watching and nature conservation
  • Bird-watching schemes for schools, organizations and communities
  • Nature art educational activities
  • Coordination for participating in activities of World Wetland Day and Global Big Day
  • Assistance to members in organizing local and overseas bird watching activities
Our mission

Oversea programme

China is immensely rich in birds and other biodiversity. It is home to about 1,300 species of birds (of which 89 are globally threatened) and to date 512 Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas have been identified there. Given the importance of China for wildlife conservation, HKBWS supports the development of bird watching and conservation in mainland China since the 1990s, and launched the China Programme in 2005.

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