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HKBWS Bird Ringing Group


Established in 2010, the HKBWS Bird Ringing Group aims at collecting long data of avifauna in long term as a tool for monitoring, and providing bird ringing training. This is a voluntary group, majority of the members are working in the field of environmental conservation, and have been training in bird ringing for a long period of time. There are one coordinator, three trainers and six trainees in the group. Some members have been conducting ringing before the establishment of the group, and have five years or more experience in bird ringing.


Permit granted from Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department is needed for ringing activity. Bird ringing is conducted in specific location regularly during the migratory period. Collected data and ring recovery are shared with other bird ringing parties in order to track the particular bird.






Collecting biometric data, such as wing length, weight and maturity etc.



A bird with a metal ring


Tools for bird ringing


























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