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Join us!


If you enjoy observing birds amid the busy city life, act now to join us and begin a new page to derive joy from your life with the nature!


After joining the HKBWS...


as a birding enthusiast, you could:

    • To exchange with other members through regular outings and activities to know more than a hundred bird species within one year;
    • To gain access to Mai Po Nature Reserve, a wetland of international importance which also falss within the frontier area, to have a glimpse of over 50,000 winter visitors and over 20,000 passage migrants during spring and autumn;
    • To have priority to take part in birdwatching tours led by experienced members on a voluntary basis;
    • To participate in the "Annual Bird Race" ;
    • To engage in the work of various study groups after receiving related training from the Society.





Magnificent number of waterbirds in

Mai Po Nautre Reserve


as a fan of bird photography, you could:

    • Meet other fans in bird photography in the Society;
    • To post and exchange with others your photos in HKBWS forum;
    • To acquire more hands-on techniques from others in the discussion forum of HKBWS website.

as a caring parent, you could:

    • Take your kids to participate in birdwatching activities to learn about and appreciate the beauty and miracles of the nature;
    • To sharpen the observation ability of your kids through birdwatching acitivies;
    • To compile birdwatching records with your kids and nurture their skills in the collection of datas and information systematically.

Children always have gave curiosity in nature


A diversified lifestyle after retirement


as a retiree , you could:

    • Join the "Crested Bulbul Club" to make new friends and exchange with other retirees and seniors on bird photography during the activities held by the Club;
    • To become a member of the "Crested Bulbul Club" after receiving training and to assist in the publicity on bird appreciation and leading guided birdwatching tours;
    • To have close encounters with the nature and have a more prosperous and healthy retirement life.

Besides, you could also:


Receive 4 bulletins a year to keep abreast of the latest news of the Society, birdwatching trips and related conservation news;

Receive the "Hong Kong Bird Report", content of which includes a detailed account for the local ornithological records;

Use the mini-library exclusively for members;

Take part in the Annual General Meeting to get your opinion heard and get involved in the development of the Society;

Participate in birdwatching trips, talks and training courses at special discounts ;

Purchase books, appliances and souvenirs at special discounts.



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Members' privileges


Special discounts on Fujifilm binoculars


Special discounts on Minox binoculars


Special discounts on Steiner binoculars


Special discounts on Sightron/Celestron binoculars


Special discounts on Zeiss binoculars

















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