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  Hong Kong Bird Report (Since 1958)  
  HKBWS comments relating to conservation issues (in English)  
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  Planning applications, draft Outline Zoning Plans and Development Permission Area  
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  Reports and Guidelines  
  Research Reports (in English)  
  Survey Report of House Swift and Barn Swallow Nests in Hong Kong  
  Report of Mai Po Inner Deep Bay Ramsar Site Waterbird Monitoring Programme  
  International Black-faced Spoonbill Census (Bilingual)  
  China Coastal Waterbird Census Report 2005-2007 (Chinese with English Abstract)  
  China Coastal Waterbird Census Report 2008-2009 (Chinese with English Abstract)  
  Association of Other Waterbird Species with wintering Black-faced Spoonbills in Hong Kong  
  Preliminary Study on Bird Migration on Po Toi Island (Spring 2007)  
  Seabird Migration Survey in Southern and South-eastern Hong Kong Waters, Spring 2006  
  List of Hong Kong Birds  
  Category I to III (PDF & Excel)  
  Sample letter for applying Mai Po Marshes Entry Annual Permit  
  Instruction for applying Mai Po Marsh Entry Permit  
  2018 Bird Record Form  
  Report form for rare bird species  
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